Health Club FAQS

How old do I need to be to use the gym?

We offer memberships to cater for anyone aged 14 and above. We do have special memberships for teenagers for 14 - 18 years, and programs catering to this age groups. We also have sessions running for Plus 55 age groups, with qualified staff on at all times. We also have group fitness classes and fully supervised gym sessions for Plus 55 members during restricted hours. 

What memberships do you offer? 

We offer memberships that cover all aspects of the facilities of both Don Tatnell and Waves. In addition to this, we offer discounted off peak memberships and aquatic based memberships. for further information please contact our customer service team on 9587 1016

Do I need to book an appointment to view your facilities? 

It is advisable to book to contact the centre prior to your visit to we can ensure someone can show you around. but it is not required to book an appointment. 

How do I join?

Joining at the centre is available at any time, you do not need to book with a membership consultant, just speak to the customer service team, to take you through the membership application process. 

Do you have a joining or admin fee?

We do not have a joining or admin fees, the only fee you will pay is your membership fee as laid out in the terms and conditions on the contract. 

How do I suspend my membership?

Membership suspensions must be requested in writing and are for a minimum of 7 days, and for a maximum of 90 days, depending on your membership type.  This does not apply to suspensions of a medical nature, as long as a medical certificate is provided. 

I have never attended a gym before, how will I know how to use the equipment and reach the results that I want?

As a new member you will be fully inducted in to our gym by a fully qualified fitness professional. They will review your fitness aims and goals, and what you want to achieve, and then create an exercise regime accordingly. In addition to this, they will ensure that you are confidant using all of our free weights and exercise equipment. This induction is a part of your membership, which you are able to review with a trainer every 8 - 12 weeks, to ensure you are constantly being challenged and gaining results.