What to expect for the first lesson

22 January 2018 | Post by Kingston Active | in Aquatics


On booking, all registrants are issued with a confirmation letter/email that details your booking day, time, level lane allocation, and teacher’s name.  Dig them out and familiarise yourself with these details prior to your first lesson, to ensure an easy and smooth transition into  your class in week 1.. If you have misplaced you confirmation, simply contact us and we can re0issue the information.

We will also have  Customer Service staff available on pool deck in week 1 to assist you also, just in case there have been some changes to lane or  teacher allocations since you enrolled

For children commencing lessons for the first time, have a chat to them prior to the first lesson about what to expect and how it will work. Ensure they have googles, (if desired), and maybe test them out in the bath prior to the lesson. It’s also a great idea if you can, to come for a swim at the centre to introduce them to the routine, prior to the first lesson.

Introduce yourself to your child’s teacher at the start of the lesson so they know who you are, and they will then confirm your child is on their class list. We also ask parents to remain pool side and actively encourage supervise children during the lesson.

Should there be any issues with the level your child has been placed in, the teacher will inform you at the end of the lesson, alternatively you can chat to our Customer Service staff on deck. A reminder that for safety reasons, we ask that you please collect your child from their lesson at the finishing time.