Keep Swimming in Winter

14 May 2018 | Post by Kingston Active | in Learn to Swim



1. Keep Active and Fit 

Swimming keeps you/your child active over the colder winter months when its harder to get outside all the time. Our pools and air temperatures are maintained at a comfortable rate throughout the year. They will keep warm in the water by moving around and maintaining constant energy levels. 


2. Continuation of Skills

Dont let all the hard work in achieving swimming skills and water confidence go by stopping lessons. Repetition and the regular continuation of lessons aids the long term attainment of swimming and water safety skills. The discontinuation of lessons will generally result in the loss of skills, and you dont want to see all your childs efforts and money spent on lessons resulting in a backwards step. 


3. Keep the winter bugs away

Keeping active and healthy is the best way to get through colder months. Maintaining fitness, aids immune health, making your child more resistant to picking up colds and flu.  Just ensure your child is warm and dressed in warm clothes and a warm hat before you leave the centre. 


4. Make sure they are ready for summer months

Swimming throughout the winter months will ensure they are building their water safety skills and confidence for the warmer summer months when we all like to hit the beach! Make sure they are confident in the water and continuing to build stronger and safer swimmers.