Learn to Swim Pathways

04 May 2019 | Post by Kingston Active | in Learn to Swim

Meet Tiahne

Tiahne is one of our fabulous Learn to Swim Instructors at Kingston Active and has recently been nominated for Customer Service Officer of the Year within the Aquatic Industry. Tiahne's story is one worth sharing, as her journey highlights the pathways learn to swim students may take as they progress through our programs. Working within the Aquatics Industry is truely rewarding, whether it be as a swim instructor, swim coach, in customer service or as a lifeguard and it can all start with Kingston Active. 

"For most of my life, Waves Leisure Centre has been my own Aquatics Kingdom. I grew up upon Waves shore. I started learning to swim in parent and child classes with Mardi, my now coordinator, and moved up through the levels to Active 7 with my now lifelong friend Rachael who I met in this class, on oh my were we competitive!

Fast forward to now, I am working as a learn to swim teacher and customer service officer. I have my own swim classes and use my experience as a former Waves swimmer to curate and formulate my swimming lessons. 

Being at Waves, both as a student and worker, not only taught me the vital skill of swimming and surviving, but formed important experiences and treasured memories, which have helped to form my identity today". 

Tiahne: as a 7 year old at Waves. 

Tiahne is one of the many examples of pathways students may take within the industry. Students within our learn to swim program, have the option to progress through to our Squad program, or to swim the Cheltenham Swim Club at Waves. Whether swimming be for fitness, fun or competition in the future, both our programs and CASC have a range of options available to students. 

Within the industry, students may seek career opportunities in the future, as a swim teacher, lifeguard or in customer service. Many of our current teachers have competed their teacher training with Kingston Active as part of their journey in becoming a qualified swim instructor. At present 16 of our learn to swim instructors also learned to swim at Waves or Don Tatnell!

For more information about career pathways or our learn to swim pathways, please contact us at active@kingston.vic.gov.au or call 9559 7111.