Lap Lane Availability


Disclaimer – lap lane availability is subject to change. Please contact the centre to confirm availability.

Please note: Lanes will run across the shallow end of the pool on Monday 4th December, Wednesday 6th December, Thursday 7th December and Friday 8th December from 9am and will return to regular operations by 12.30pm. 

School Fun Day will be held at the Centre on the following dates: Wednesday 13th December, Thursday 14th December and Friday 15th December. Students may share acccess to the Wave Pool and Splash Zone during these dates.

Boom Times

Boom times relate to the time of day the boom is actually moving in the pool to change the pool length to 50m or back to 25m.

On weekends the boom is also moving in the pool on Saturday 3.00-3.30pm & Sunday 2.00-2.30pm to create 50m lanes in the afternoons.


Day Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
Time 8am - 8:30am 8am - 8:30am 8am - 8:30am 8am - 8:30am 8am - 8:30am 8am - 8:30am 8am - 8:30am