Kingston Active at Home

Stay Active at Home with the Kingston Active Trainers, as they take you through a series of HIIT, Strength, Core and Recovery sessions to do at home.

HIIT Workouts

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Core & Balance Workouts

Complete each exercise for the recommended repetitions, then move on to the next exercise.

Slow tempo and controlled body movement.

Recommended to use a Dumbbell, or the same movement can be applied using your body only.

10x Kneeling Superman (each side)

10x Single Leg Deadlift (each side) with Dumbbell

10x Renegade Push Up Combo with Dumbbell

10x Legs Extend & Crunch

10x Kneeling Windmill (each side) with Dumbbell

Facebook Live Workouts

Full workout plan:
Each sequence is one minute for a 5 minute block
- 10 airbox & 2 burpee
+ 10 mountain climbers
+ 10 jump jacks
+ 10 push ups
+ 10 cross-crawl

- 10 uppercut & 2 squat jump
+ 10 plank taps
+ 10 skaters
+ 10 tricep pushups
+ 10 crunch extends

- 10 hooks & 2 snowboards
+ 10 spider plank
+ 10 ladder runs
+ 10 push shoulder tap
+ 10 pulse crunch

Strength Training Workouts

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Recovery Workouts

Here are some simple foam roller and massage ball techniques to help relieve muscle tension after sitting for long periods. If you don’t have a massage ball, you could use a tennis ball or a cricket ball (note the cricket ball will be much firmer so be careful with the pressure you apply).

Thoracic Spine/Mid-Upper Back.

  • Slowly glide along the roller, between your lowest rib and the base of your neck. You may hear some cracking or popping which is normal.
  • If you feel any ‘tight’ spots along the way, drop your hips and shoulders towards the ground and hold for about 5-10 seconds or take 3-5 slow deep breathes.


  • Sit with your knees bent, shift to one side and place the ball slightly outside of where your back pocket would be.
  • Slowly glide on the ball until you find a ‘tight’ spot. Drop your knee outwards about 5 times and/or slowly roll in small circles while taking 3-5 slow deep breathes.

Pec Minor/Chest:

  • Place ball on your upper chest just below your collar bone.
  • Push the ball into your chest with both hands and slowly roll it in small circles between your shoulder and sternum. You may experience some referral down your arm which is normal.