Learn To Swim FAQs

What level will my child be in?

To ensure your child is placed into the class that best meets their standard, we recommend a Free assessment for children over 5 years of age. Contact us and we can arrange a time for you.

Will the parent need to hop in the water?

Parents or Guardians are required to hop in the water with their child when they are under the age of 3 years.

How long do the lessons go for?

Lessons go for duration of 30 minutes, higher levels are held a little longer.

How many children in the class?

For our pre-school classes, there is a maximum of 4 per class. With school aged children, the class size increase’s in proportion to their skill level.

What happens when I miss a lesson due to illness? Do you do make-up classes?

When a medical certificate is supplied we are able to credit up to 4 lessons a term for any illnesses. We do not do make-up lessons, however we do give you up to 2 Family Pass (2 Adults, 2 children) per child, per term.

Can I drop my child off for their lessons and then leave the centre?

Watch Around Water guidelines are followed at our centre, these state that any child in the centre under the age of 5 must be supervised at all times, if in the water a parent, instructor or guardian must be within arms length. Children under the age of 10 must be actively supervised in and out of the water.

Can we play before or after the lesson?

Most certainly, as long as our Watch around the Water guidelines are followed. (Under 5 years, Parent or Guardian must be in the water within arm length at all times, Under 10 years must be actively supervised at all times).

When is a students progress assessed?

Children are assessed throughout the Term, all assessments are finalised by the re-enrolment period. Instructors will pass the children a card if they have progressed to the next level, these needs to be taken to Customer Service where your options will be discussed with you.

How long will it take for my child to progress to the next level?

It is not uncommon for the swimmer to remain in the same class for several terms as all children learn at a different rate. It important to ensure all skills is performed competently before progressing to the next level. If ever you need any feedback about your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to speak to Customer Service and we can organise someone to contact you.

Can we enrol for lessons at any time?

Enrolments can be taken from the beginning of the Term right up to re-enrolment time. During re-enrolment time, current members have priority with new enrolments following.